Changes ahead in 2019
In 2019 we expect some major changes affecting our business. We like to share some information about it here.

New EU Webshop

Our Dutch webshop ( will be translated into English and made usable for clients from all EU countries.

We had to choose between modernisation of and translating - we choose the latter. Adding new shipping countries started even in 2018, as well as translation, however, this translation will not be visible or usable before somewhere in 2019. Until then you still can use the hexapus site, or try the dutch version. Please first check if your country is available for shipping, not all countries will be added at the same time!

New: World Webshop

Our webshop meanwhile is changed for customers outside the EU. Most of the basics are changed, now we need to add new countries.


We assume the Brexit will happen, for UK customers: read more about it at our Brexit page.
Regarding our non UK customers outside the EU: due to the Brexit the EU customs may be temporarily slowed down, therefor all lead times may be longer for as long as is needed to expand the EU customs organisations. Of course this will be the case for all EU and UK suppliers!